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Welcome To Indirect Tax Services

  • We are a Vat specialist consulting firm.
  • Part of the Vat implementation team for SARS.
  • Have more than 20 years accounting knowledge and extensive knowledge of the Vat act.
  • Registered Tax Practioner PR-0088807.
  • Registered with South African Institute of Tax Professionals – 33844367
  • Registered with SAIPA – 4153 (Accountant in Practise)
  • We have materialised substantial PROFITS for our customers.

Additional Services

Due Diligence Reports

Forensic Auditing

Bookkeeping/Accounting Service - Sage Pastel Online

Monthly SARS returns

Reasons To Perform Vat Review

  • As per National Treasury 2019 Tax Stats:
  • Estimated over recovery of R90m per year.
  • Vat payments have increased by 20% from 2015 to 2019.
  • In the past 10 years Vat Vendors have declined by 94499.
  • Finance departments often assume that all systems are in place for full recovery, but we have not come across 1 company, where the VAT was claimed correctly. In many cases errors are difficult to identify and therefore companies have overpaid VAT.
  • Financial restrictions prevent companies from performing a proper VAT review. (External Auditors fees are extremely high)
  • The VAT law makes regular amendments, which is not always taken into account.
  • The VAT act allows for VAT corrections within 5 years of the transaction, thereafter the “money” becomes state funds.